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The Life of Muhammad in Twenty Stories:
Cover Title Pub. Date Artwork Translator
امنا الغولة The Life of Muhammad   Salah Besar 1- Tony Calderbank

2- Mohamed Enani.
His second masterpiece that was reprinted at least 20 times is a biography of the Prophet Muhammad, told by various unusual speakers—animals, plants, rocks etc. This book is addressed primarily to young Muslim readers. However, the literary quality and the novel presentation of the biography, as well as meticulous commitment to historical fact, have led many critics and readers to recommend this book to older audiences, regardless of religious creed. A bestseller admired by readers of all types throughout the Arab world, the book is a contribution to the new wave of children’s literature designed to stimulate the imagination of the young and encourage them to respond positively to fresh reinterpretations of history.

This book was translated into English twice, once as The Life of Muhammad in Twenty Stories by Tony Calderbank and another time as A Life of The Prophet Muhammad in Twenty Tales by the renowned Egyptian translator Mohamed Enani.
The Scarecrow (1968):

which is the first Arabic novel for children and one of his masterpieces that deals with the life of a village boy, was assigned to be read by the sixth grade pupils of the Egyptian national schools from 1970-74 (3 million copies).
In Translation
  • The Prophet Muhammad’s Childhood:
    A Story for Children translated by Omaya Khalifa sample download pdf

  • My Father was a Teacher:
    translated by Loubna Youssef. sample download pdf
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