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Abdetawab YoussefName :
Abd-el-Tawwab Youssef

Nationality :

Date of Birth :
1/10/ 1928 Beni-Suef, Egypt

Born in 1928 in a village at the edge of the Egyptian Western desert, in Shenra near Beni Suef and the son of a schoolmaster and an illiterate mother, Abd-el-Tawwab Youssef moved to Cairo to study political science at Cairo
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A prolific writer, Abd El Tawwab Youssef’s short stories, plays, novels, research, radio and television programs, articles, and lectures are in circulation in Egypt and the Arab world and have affected generations of children and writers and illustrators of works for children.
Publications :
prophet Muhammad

Life of The Prophet Muhammad in Twenty Tales :

A biography of the Prophet Muhammad, selling more than 7 million copies, and was reprinted at least 20 times

The Scarecrow:

Selling more than 3 million copies,and deals with the life of a village boy

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